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Important NEWS and Information!!

Sat Kaival Youth Shibir 2017!!! - CLICK HERE for more information and registration! 

Guruji Ni Nisra California!! - CLICK HERE for more information and registration!

This Month's Highlight!

Sat Kaival Youth Shibir 2016!!!!

SKYS 2016 was an interactive and engaging 4 day youth event held in Cleveland, OH December 25th thru December 29th. This event was for all youth and young adults interested in connecting to their spirituality while having fun and making lifelong friendships. OUR SKYS 2017 event is in CHICAGO this year and will be the biggest yet. Click here for more information! 


: Aum Paramguru Veh Namah :

Sat Kaival Youth Shibir 2016 was one to remember. Centered around the core theme “It Takes A Village”, we as a group learned that growth and teamwork begin as thoughts and need to be translated into actions through effort and proper nourishment. This effort is shown through our selfless service to Paramguru and Pujya Guruji. Selfless service means we do not and should not expect anything in return for our seva. We are simply doing our part to spread Paramguru’s Gyan (knowledge) to our future generations. It is because of his (Paramguru) blessings we are able to come together and do such humbling seva. The nourishment comes in the form of our Saatvik Vichaar, Vaani, and Karma. Saatvik means to be good, pure, and positive. Our thoughts are translated into words and our words are translated into actions. As a community, we can harness the energy generated through positive thinking and build something that transcends boundaries. In each of Paramguru’s granths (holy books), he teaches us the importance of staying on the path of true knowledge. The first step is to recognize what true knowledge is. We can do this through our own research, common sense, and thinking. The second step is to continuously immerse ourselves in this true knowledge through our seva and bhakti. This step will help us increase our spiritual connections and decrease our materialistic connections. Doing this will free us from the bonds that continue to inhibit us from true happiness. Teaching kids and young adults how to make these connections is one of the core focuses of shibirs. With each shibir we not only grow as individuals, but we also grow as a Kaival Youth team. Through leading and teaching activities like team building, sports, cooking, crafts, garba, dance, we are also able to refine our own skills and forge peer-mentor relationships with kids from all over the nation. We are so fortunate and grateful we have been given the chance to lead and do seva for this organization. Working with sponsors like Mina Auntie and Alpesh Uncle was a truly humbling experience. Their generosity and attention was at the core of our 4th Annual Youth Shibir in Cleveland. SKYS 2016 was a team effort and it was all made possible because of our energetic attendees, devoted leaders, hardworking volunteers, and our amazing sponsors! We are also grateful for the guidance of our Pujya Guruji, H.H. Acharya Shree Avichaldasji Maharajshree who has continued to show us the path towards Paramguru’s gyan and always encourages us in our Kaival Youth activities. And of course, none of this would ever be possible without the KRUPA (blessings) of Paramguru Shreemat Karunsagar Maharaj. He, who is the Guru of all Gurus, continues to bless us with his seva and bhakti and inspires us in everything we do.

Kaival Youth Committee